TeMu Persian Underground Media

The first project in the form of music is called TeMu, the project is a Persian-language music video and aims to develop the space of the music community.

this is product start at 2015/08/01 and End date : 2017/Sep/01

Some features of this application :

Ability to download songs with two different qualities

Ability to download album music with 2 quality and download each album separately separately

A biography of each artist with the number of music, videos and albums

Can play online song

Ability to get the song code to put the song on the web

Possibility to survey about song quality and review of songs

Have a so-called button for each song

Ability to follow artists to get information about new works

Artists panel for sending songs

All rights to this software are managed by this collection and Fars Design was only responsible for producing this space.

Status : Done

Available software :



Telegram Bot 

Language Programming : Php , MySql Lite , 

Product Manager : Mahdi Heydari

Preview (Need Install Telegram Apps Or Use Telegram Web) : https://t.me/iTeMuBot



Language Programming : Php , HTML , CSS , JavaScript

Product Manager : Mahdi Heydari

Preview : http://TeMu.ir


Windows Application

Language Programming : Delphi

Product Manager : Mahdi Heydari

Download : http://TeMu.ir/Apps


Android & Windows Phone Application

Language Programming : HTML5 , CSS , JavaScript

Create By PhoneGap Builder

Product Manager : Mahdi Heydari

Download : http://TeMu.ir/Apps


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